Overnight Adventure Camp (Grade 2-9)

Overnight Camp is an exciting adventure with lots of different things to do each and every day! From first thing in the morning till bed time, a day at Youth Camp USA is filled with opportunity: make a friend, try something new, test your limits, or watch the world – summer camp helps us learn to live well.

Village Units

The camp is divided into villages grouped by age and gender. Junior boys and girls have finished grades 2 – 6. Senior boys and girls have finished grades 7 – 9. Each village has its own village leader, a senior staff member who manages the counselors and ensures the quality of every camper’s experience. Each village unit is typically made up of six or seven cabins that work and play together throughout the camp experience.

Cabin Life

All of our simple but modern cabins house 8-10 campers and 2 counselors in bunk beds, and are equipped with electricity and bathroom facilities. Campers are placed in cabin groups by senior staff members based on their age, needs and requests.

Daily Activities at Camp

There are three kinds of activities at camp: cabin activities, activity periods, and evening activities. Cabin activities are planned and carried out by cabin groups, the 8-10 bunk-mates that are the foundation relationships of camp. Activity periods are individually selected; a camper chooses three activities for the week, and participates in that activity with other campers who also chose it (see a list of some of the activities on offer below). Evening activities are large group activities: the whole camp gathers for a campfire or talent show, individual villages play at games or events, or one village sometimes joins another for an even larger group activity. We stay busy at camp!

Special Weekend Events

Theme Days take place in the middle of each session, and are a chance for the whole camp to play together. Themes such as American Life, Time Machine, Youth Camp USA on Vacation and the annual Youth Camp USA Olympics give everyone a chance to dress-up, work together, and play hard during these special events. Sunday Funday falls on the day after each Theme Day and is an opportunity for campers to enjoy a more relaxed schedule, spend time with their cabin group and prepare for another full week of activities.

Typical Summer Camp Activities


Swimming, pool games, boating (canoe, kayak, rowboat), fishing, pond study, creek hikes.


Softball, basketball, volleyball, street hockey, flag football, rugby, ultimate frisbee, soccer, extreme fitness, skateboarding, archery, backyard sports, yoga, mountain biking


Arts & crafts, painting/drawing, video/photography, dance, music, drama, story/poem writing, cartooning, improv comedy


Teambuilding, high ropes (zipline, giant swing and more), climbing wall, survival, nature hikes, aerial silks, outdoor cooking, day trips into the surrounding area


Horseback riding, gardening, farm animal care and many more!

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