Ranch Camp and Trail Rides (Grade 6-9)

Diamond M Ranch Camp

Youth Camp USA Diamond M Ranch camp is a great place for campers and the horses they love. At Ranch camp children who have finished 6th – 9th grade spend two whole weeks building the special bond that forms between horse and rider. Ranch campers learn all the basics of western-style horsemanship – there’s plenty of advanced skills and learning to keep everyone challenged! Our well-trained and experienced staff know our horses intimately, and ensure that every ranch camper has a safe, comfortable, yet challenging experience regardless of the skills they bring with them.

In addition to riding lessons and trail riding Ranch campers spend the majority of the day learning to tack and groom horses, assisting in minor vet care, learning horse anatomy and breed specialties, feeding, cleaning stalls, and helping to maintain the barn and all the equipment. Our campers take pride in sharing the responsibility of caring for a herd of horses! Campers will also join in activities with traditional camp when they aren’t at the ranch.

Our Neckerchief Program gives ranch campers goals to strive for. Studying and passing your neckerchief test is a source of pride, and recognized as a significant achievement by the entire camp. On the closing day of each session the ranch campers stage a rodeo at the Upper Barn, displaying their newfound skills and celebrating their achievements. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch the rodeo – it’s a great way to see what’s special about our Ranch Program and the staff members who work hard to make it exceptional.

Trail Rides

Youth Camp USA offers trail rides throughout the spectacular wooded trails of our 500-acre camp. Trail Rides consist of either ten or five 45-minute rides over the course of your camper’s registered session, depending upon how many weeks you sign up for. Your campers will improve their riding skills and get to experience the beauty of Camp!

Our Ranch Camp staff lead the trail rides and are open to overnight and day campers that are finishing second grade. You can add trail rides onto your camper’s experience when you register for camp.

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